Over the years, PTS has fielded numerous questions about the uniqueness of our highly effective "Win-Win" Program. In an effort to address the most commonly asked questions about our formula for success, we have assembled a list of FAQ's (frequently asked questions) for your reference.

The answers to these FAQ's outline the elements deemed by PTS to be necessary in today's marketplace of supplemental technical and creative staffing.

1. What is the PTS Win-Win Program?

PTS believes in making the success of our clients and employees a top priority. The Win-Win Program was developed to provide extremely competitive wage rates and benefits to our employees, and deliver the lowest billing rates in the industry to our clients. In other words, we put you first.

2. Why is PTS better than other technical staffing agencies?

• PTS is the most technically connected to our clients' industries, and the most responsive to the needs of our employees.

• PTS provides immediate eligibility for employment benefits.

• PTS maximizes savings to our clients with the lowest mark-up in the industry.

3. Why does PTS offer benefits to employees?

To attract and retain the best talent, PTS provides a comprehensive benefits package similar to that provided by our clients to their employees. Benefits have been shown to be an important factor in the ongoing success, happiness and productivity of employees on the job.

4. When are PTS employees eligible to receive benefits? Why is this important?

PTS employees are immediately eligible for all benefits including health and dental insurance, 401k program, and direct deposit. Immediate eligibility allows shorter-term employees to receive benefits normally only available to longer-term permanent employees. Benefits are a key to attract and retain the best talent.

5. Why does PTS publish its rate schedule?

In general, the supplemental staffing industry attempts to hide its true profit margins. PTS has a published rate schedule not only to illustrate our low markups, but also to demonstrate the competitive wage rates that our employees earn. Our schedule clearly discloses the employees wage rate, statutory employer payroll costs, our employee benefits costs, and our low profit margin. Our clients find the schedule helpful in planning and budgeting their staffing needs.

6. How well is PTS connected to the technical community?

PTS has an extensive network, credentials, and actual working experience in the technical and creative communities which strengthens our ability to provide superior technical and creative staffing. The more connected an agency is to specialized organizations, societies and leadership positions within the technical and creative fields, the better suited they are to access talent to meet your staffing needs.

For more information on PTS and other critical staffing issues affecting your business, e-mail: info@PTSstaffing.com

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