There's a reason PTS attracts and retains the highest caliber talent in the industry, and is the #1 choice for some of the nation's most prestigious organizations and corporations. But don't just take our word for it; just listen to what our clients have to say…

"We commend PTS for being the first agency we have worked with to offer an aggressive program that delivers maximum ROI for its clients, and exceptional benefits to employees. PTS has set a high standard in its approach to staffing, delivering superior talent at the most competitive rates. We are delighted to finally have formulated a relationship with an agency that is experienced and well connected in the technical arena, and look forward to maintaining an ongoing relationship."

President - Mangan, Inc.

"The outsourcing of payroll and benefits administration has relieved us of all of the time, energy and paperwork associated with being the employer. Day to day operations are challenging enough without the added complication of benefits and keeping up with the legislation and regulations associated with labor-related issues and various State and Federal reporting requirements. PTS has certainly taken that burden off our shoulders.

In addition, PTS has allowed us to attract and retain quality employees by providing them with a benefit package that far exceeds the benefits that we could provide on our own. The instant eligibility for health and dental insurance and the 401k program has been a major attraction for top-notch talent. PTS has significantly streamlined our company's efforts, and enabled us to grow as a result. Thank you, PTS."

C.E.O. - D.R. McNatty & Associates


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