PTS attracts and retains the highest caliber talent and clients based on our intimate understanding of the industries we service, combined with our ongoing commitment to maintain a truly "employee-centric" staffing agency. With years of networking connections, our ability to offer instantaneous, comprehensive employee benefits, and exclusive access to the hidden job market, PTS delivers results. But don't just take our word for it; just listen to what our employees have to say…

"I became one of PTS's earliest employees. I am proud to say that I have enjoyed working for PTS to this day. I even wear the company jacket (free after one year of service). PTS provides interesting assignments, while providing its employees with fair and marketable wages."

D.J.S. - PTS employee since 6/96

"PTS has its ear to the market. I have been throughout California (San Diego, Richmond, Walnut Creek, Long Beach) working for PTS and enjoy the local scenarios throughout California."

M.J.W. - PTS employee since 10/96

"What I find most attractive about PTS is their ability to develop and nurture an extensive client base who offer a variety of interesting and lucrative long term assignments, particularly the "hidden" assignments that
are not generally advertised."

R.F.B. - PTS employee since 10/98


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